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Category:2015 video games Category:Video games developed in Germany Category:Windows games Category:Windows-only games Category:Zoo simulation video gamesLogging operations are normally performed on land by landmen who advance into the wooded terrain, survey the logging site, and make surveys of the dimensions of the trees, limbs, trees, etc. These surveys are used to select an appropriate logging machine or machines for a particular tree and to keep the logging machine(s) properly aligned with a particular tree. Conventional survey instruments, sometimes referred to as transit levelers, include an elongated horizontal member having a spaced pair of identical target openings that are vertically aligned and define a substantially horizontal, elongated target surface. The center of the target surface is above the center of the earth and is inclined with respect to the horizon. A sighting tube is mounted to the vertical member and extends through the target openings in the horizontal member. A sighting tube has a sighting surface that extends therefrom and a sighting marker that is located on the sighting surface. The sighting marker has the characteristics of a golf ball, i.e., that it will appear to a person looking through the sighting tube to be at a predetermined vertical elevation with respect to the horizontal member, for example, 12 inches above the center of the earth. In one type of conventional instrument, the horizontal member has a sharp beveled edge which is received in a slot of the sighting tube. When a person looks through the sighting tube, he will observe the sighting marker on the sighting surface, which is aligned with the vertical axis of the sighting tube. When the horizontal member is properly aligned with the tree, the leveler will provide a reading on a recording scale on the sighting tube indicating a vertical position of the sighting marker, relative to the horizontal member, that corresponds to the predetermined vertical elevation. Conventional instrumentation includes a plurality of targets. The targets can be similar to one another and are spaced uniformly around a horizontal plane. One or more sighting tubes can be mounted to the instrumentation in a fixed position relative to the targets. One or more sighting tubes can also be movably mounted to the instrumentation such that the horizontal surfaces of the sighting tubes are aligned with the targets and aligned with one another. In that case, the sighting tube or tubes can be raised or lowered together. If the sighting tubes are aligned, a person looking through one of the sighting tubes can determine the angular alignment of the instrumentation. Also, if the instrumentation




Planet Zoo Activation Code [crack] 2022

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